M A K E   I T   Y O U R S

Memo & Reloved Collections

Designing accessories is often related to a neat timing. For a couple of years, Clinch has tried to keep up with SS & AW planning and designed some marvelous silk scarves and leather accessories.
Now we decided to change our path. Our collections are thoroughly thought of and consciously designed, we have chosen to slow down and design collections that evolve more naturally with products and high quality materials we are ourselves fond of. This process takes time, and we are not rushing in order to deliver the highest quality possible, so come back regularly to discover our new items or follow us on Instagram!


The MEMO collection combines everything Clinch loves: unique products handmade in Belgium and made of beautiful calf leather with personalised messages.  You choose the product, the colour of the leather, the zip colour and the message you want on it.

In the MEMO collection, we offer totes in 2 sizes, pouches in 3 sizes (small, medium or large), passportholders and keyrings.


Whereas the MEMO collection started from a love for unique personalised products, the RELOVED collection has evolved because of a passion for materials and the possibility of re-using them.
Carefully selected fabrics from production remains, forgotten stock, samples or used cloths are combined with Clinch materials; such as the zips, lining, chains, leather... to create unique products.
 All handmade in Belgium.

In the RELOVED collection, we propose totes, pouches and cushions.

This collection consists of products that are fairly unique. Only a few (or just one) piece will be made! In the product description, you will find following abbreviations:

Limited edition: maximum 6 pieces. If you love it, buy it now or you could miss out.
Unique: one of a kind, there's only one like this!
Basic: will be made in bulk and available for a longer period of time. Simply because we have more fabric and because we like it so much to make more!  

We also make custom made products in the RELOVED collection: 
This product is truly yours: we make a Clinch product with your fabric! We transform your old jeans, leather jackets or tablecloths ... in a Clinch pouch, tote bag or cushion. We would love to hear from you. Please contact us to see what can be done.