Miroki project

More than ever we realised that our mental health is important.

We have been isolated from friends and family for a long time…
it has not been easy.
Imagine what it must be for young people already struggling mentally,
young people having difficulties to fit in our society.

GOOIKENSHOEVE offers to psychologically and socially vulnerable
young people from 17 to 25 years of age meaningful daytime activities,
to find some peace in their mind, a moment away from their struggles. 

We are very touched by this project.
So we want to support GOOIKENSHOEVE and its creative project Miroki.
At the checkout you have the possibility to buy a MIROKI bracelet.
All the benefits go directly to GOOIKENSHOEVE. 

Discover their beautiful creations:
on facebook Miroki Project 
and on Instagram miroki_project 

And support them by buying a MIROKI bracelet at check out !