An old love of ours: jeans! 
And finally we’re here: fabricating bags from old denim.
From vintage jeans, through washing, taking apart, cutting and sewing, we now offer 3 models: our big Clacla, our Cookie bag and the new oversized Fourre-tout.

These bags are made from used jeans pants. If we need some extra fabric, for handles for example, we’ll use overstock jeans.
All bags are fully lined with overstock fabric from a luxury outerwear brand.

We also make these bags with YOUR used jeans! 
Frequently, we will have a Denim Deadline Day (communicated through our socials and on our website).
Make sure we get your used jeans before this date.
We’ll work our magic and about 3 weeks after the Denim Deadline Day, we’ll send you your UPCYCLINCH jeans bag.
Just order the ‘your jeans' option of your favourite model, we will send you an e-mail with instructions. 

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