we love second chances


Whereas the LOVE LETTERS collection started from a love for unique personalised products,
the RELOVED collection has evolved because of a passion for materials and the possibility of re-using them.
 In all of our production processes we try to minimise waste and aim to re-use all of our leftover pieces of leather.
Here you’ll find carefully selected fabrics from production remains
, samples or used cloths
combined with Clinch materials; such as the zips, lining, chains, leather... to create unique products. 



Our Clinch products are designed to last. Time for a change?
Bring in or send us your used Clinch bag and in return you’ll receive 25% discount on your next order.
We’ll use the leather and chains to create new beautiful RELOVED Clinch products!


Creating beautiful leather products isn’t an easy task.
Despite our careful work, finished products sometimes show small blemishes.
These are still wonderful Clinch products, but can’t be sold online. Or can they?
SHOP HERE, discount applies.